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Copying Service

We can provide copies of many of the records we look after. The type of copy will depend on:

  • The format of the original;
  • The size of the original;
  • The condition of the original;
  • What you need the copy for.

We will always do our best to provide a suitable copy, but we must also take into account the need to preserve the original for the future. Occasionally copyright law may prevent us from supplying a copy.

If you are unsure about European paper sizes please see the note at the bottom of this page.

The kinds of copies we can offer are:


We do these in A4 or A3 size, in black and white only. We don't photocopy any original which is larger than A3 or items which might be damaged by the process. We usually offer photography as a suitable alternative for these.

We don't offer self-service photocopying because of the risk of damaging unique, original material, but copies are made on the premises, as soon as possible after ordering. You may collect your copies personally or we will post them to you if you prefer.

Digital copies

We can offer these printed in A4 or A3 size, on photographic quality paper, or as a J-peg on a CD or e-mailed (smaller file sizes only). We scan smaller documents on a flat-bed scanner, and digitally photograph larger items. If you want the image enhanced in any way, or as a higher quality print, this may be available by negotiation and at extra cost.

Copies from microforms

We also offer these in A4 or A3 size. If you visit in person you can make your own prints. Our staff will show you how. If you would prefer us to do them for you, we will, but this will cost more.

Once we have microfilmed a document, we only offer copies from the film. Microfilming protects fragile originals from damage through handling and overuse.

Plan copies

For larger, flat documents such as maps and plans we offer plan printing. We can print items up to A0 width. Copies are black and white.

We send plan printing orders to our agency once a week, so you may have to wait for your copies. Some plans may also need conservation work before they can be copied, and this will add to the time it takes to process your order.


We can offer traditional photographic copies in many sizes, in colour or black and white, or as 35mm or 5"X4" transparencies. We can provide photographs from documents of all types, but suggest digital photography in the first instance, except for special requirements.

Photography is more expensive than other processes we offer, but usually produces good results.

We use an outside agency for photography orders so there may be a waiting time if they are busy.

You can also take your own digital photographs for personal use, but without using flash or a tripod. We charge £5 for a one-day licence or £15 for a licence to take as many photographs as you want for a whole year. For this you must have a CARN ticket.


If you want a lot of records copied, we may suggest microfilming. This may be the cheapest and most practical option, but you will need access to a microfilm reader in order to use your copy. We provide 35mm microfilms. Prices are individually estimated.

Reprographic Charges From 1st April 2006





Minimum charge by post


Digital Copies


A4 photographic paper


A3 photographic paper


Image on disc or e-mailed (jpeg format)

£5.00 per image

Professional print (A4)


Copies from Microfilm






Minimum charge by post






Plan Copies

Price for first copy

Subsequent copies


£7.50 b/w
£15.00 colour

£5.00 b/w
£10.00 colour


£7.50 b/w
£18.00 colour

£6.00 b/w
£12.00 colour


£12.00 b/w
£25.00 colour

£9.00 b/w
£17.50 colour

Larger plans up to 15 metres long, per metre, as above.

Photographs Price
Can be supplied by special order prices individual

Microfilm Price
Can be supplied by special order prices individual

European paper sizes

A4: 297mm x 210mm, 11.69 inches x 8.27 inches
A3: 420mm x 297mm, 16.54 inches x 11.69 inches
A2: 594mm x 420mm, 23.39 inches x 16.54 inches
A1: 841mm x 594mm, 33.11 inches x 23.39 inches
A0: 1189mm x 841mm, 46.82 inches x 33.11 inches

pdf icon Download the Order Form [28k PDF]

All prices include VAT as appropriate. Cheques (checks) and postal or money orders must be in pounds sterling and payable to Newcastle City Council. Payment in advance is required.

Do NOT send us your card details as we are not able to process remote card payments either in writing or over the phone. However, as it is possible to pay invoices by credit card, you may like to consider this option. If you would like to pay by card please request an invoice from us. The invoice you receive will include details of how you can pay, including using a credit card online or by phone. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse this option for orders smaller than £10.

All copies are supplied subject to copyright and at the discretion of the archivist. Sectional photocopies will not be made from originals larger than A3, but Plan Copies may be available from flat documents, and photographs from volumes.