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Information for Depositors

Archives are sometimes described as the collective memory of a society, and without them we would not only lose much knowledge of the past – of our families and the places we live and work – but also many people would be faced with severe practical difficulties. We all have a common interest in preserving archives, as potentially we all may need to use them some day.

Preserving archives is a specialist task, and Tyne & Wear Archives Service is jointly funded by the five district councils of Tyne and Wear to preserve the area’s documentary heritage.

Our collecting policy (73k PDF) sets out the kinds of records we are interested in.

There are two main ways in which you can place your records with us:

  • Donate them, by gifting them outright;
  • Deposit them, by agreeing to place them with us and allow us to make them available for research, or in exhibitions, or to use with schools and other groups. You would still own the records but would be freed of any concerns about their preservation and would be making an invaluable contribution to the study of the heritage of the area and its people.

The services we offer include:

  • Visit or survey to identify historically important material. Not all records are worth preserving, but we are always pleased to offer free advice. You can either bring the records to us, or we can arrange an appointment to visit you, especially if you have a lot of records;
  • Storage at Blandford House, near Central Station in Newcastle, where specially constructed storage protects the archives against fire and other hazards including decay from extremes of temperature and humidity;
  • Cataloguing in line with overall priorities;
  • Inclusion in the online computer catalogue;
  • Secure access for the public in our searchroom;
  • Conservation as required, in line with the overall programme.

Full details of our contract can be found in our Terms of Agreement (45k PDF).