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Amy's WarThe focus of Amy's War is the devestating air raid on South Shields on 2 October 1941. From this dramatic event teachers can pan out to exciting aspects of life on the Home Front such as rationing and entertainment.



Lice HunterImagine an enemy that can't be shot, will not surrender and keeps coming back. Worse still, imagine an enemy that has six legs and lives on human blood... We are talking lice. April 1915. Time for the British Army to call in Captain Peacock!


Photo of Westall's WarFamous children's author, Robert Westall, was inspired by his wartime experiences in North Shields.

Investigate the horror of the Wilkinson's shelter disaster at (KS2/3)




Photo of William FalcusWilliam Falcus emigrated to Canada and enlisted in the 63rd Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force at Edmonton. By June 1916 he was fighting on the Western Front.

Read his diary here (KS3)






Photo of Trooper BlackieTrooper Blackie joined the army in 1944 and wrote home every week to his Mum.

Browse three of his letters here (KS2/3)







Walk on the Wild SideExplore Victorian Newcastle with this interactive website designed by teacher Chris Wilde. Life is grim at (KS3)