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Volunteers - Testimonials

Our volunteers come from a wide and varied background. They work in teams or individually. Some are retired or have disabilities or are looking to gather experience for work placement. What they all have is a common interest in the history of our region and a willingness to share it with others. They mostly reside in the Tyne & Wear region but some also live in Northumberland and Co. Durham. Volunteers at Tyne & Wear Archives make a great team.  Read what some of them have to say.

Russell BowmanRussell Bowman

"You are always open to new things. In the Archives those things are old new things. You never know what you might learn. Plus it's a fresh change from the day to day routines of work. The people are pleasant and helpful. It's one more reason to get out of bed in the morning as you do something useful with your time."


John RawlingJohn Rawling

"I work on transcribing and indexing church registers. The work is interesting and invaluable in its final form for researchers in family history. The treatment of volunteers at Blandford House is welcoming and generous."



Rosemary MaddyRosemary Maddy

"I am fascinated by local and family history and like nothing better than poking around libraries and archives! At the moment I am checking two large volumes of Sunderland Police records from the 1830/40s. As you read these documents you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. One poor lad gets a month in the House of Correction for stealing a turnip; a destitute tramp is given a few shillings from the poor box and sent on his way; a lot of people in Sunderland seem to spend their time smuggling tobacco and brandy! It is a fascinating snapshot of a time and a place. Working as a volunteer at TWAS is also great fun. I have met lots of really enthusiastic, like minded people, who have a real passion for local and family history and who are always happy to share their interests and skills. I have learnt more about Excel spreadsheets in the last few months than I have ever done on the few courses that I have attended!"